Friday, July 23, 2010

Final day and we managed to get a task in despite a less than ideal forecast, a late start and fair amount of whining.  Turned out to be the perfect task out into the flats with around 40 at goal and everyone happy.  Individual standings will remain pretty much the same, although team scores could change up a bit.  There's a small chance that team UK could move into the bronze metal place, but we won't know until the scores come in.

Meanwhile, we're off to the prize giving and party.

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Gordon said...

Very close in the end for third and a long delay before results were officialised.
There was a GPS error placing Alonzi and Chiech provisionally below 5th in the last task by GPS when they clearly crossed the line first and second by several hundred meters.
After corrections were made for finish order the team prizes were clear but there remained a dispute over correcting the leading bonus manually without any great precision. In the end Alonzi missed out to Attilla for Bronze overall by a very small margin and was absent from the prizegiving.

CIVL officials were herd to say that manual corrections for real finish order will be abandonned and GPS "unreality" taken as gospel in future! Yes! they intend to ban making the scores reflect the reality we have seen with our eyes to give themselves a bit less hassle! I guess 2 hours of work in 11 days was a bit much to ask of them!