Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 6

The Brits had a fantastic day yesterday, with Carl finishing third and moving up several places in the overall standings and three Brits in goal.  The Swiss and Austrians each just had two in.  
Alex and Christian came in super fast for the Italians with Alex first for the day and Christian fourth with a low low low finish!

On the less bright side, Jonny boy had a rough day.  He was pushing hard out front, at one point thinking he would beat the lead gaggle by 30 minutes.  Apparently he pushed a bit too hard and thermaled himself right into the ground.  He knocked himself out cold, waking up with his face in the dirt and his instruments smashed.  Thankfully, he is mostly unhurt.  He'll have a nice shinner today, a sore head and some cuts on his elbows and legs, but otherwise the same Jonny we know and love ;-)


Anonymous said...

well done Carl!!

Gotha said...

Is Johnny OK? Did he fly today. Will he continue in the comp? Ah the tension and suspense!!!! LOL No one seems to be talking much about his incident.....