Monday, July 19, 2010


Rough day for Carl.  After smoking out in front and believing that he would win the day and perhaps move up into medal territory, he ended up 1km short of goal.  It's absolutely heartbreaking for me and I can only imagine how much it sucks for him.

After his one meter short day at the worlds in Laragne last summer, I know how well he deals with disappointment, but it never ceases to amaze and impress me.  The ability to see your mistakes and recognize that only you are responsible for them is something that not all pilots have and I admire him so much for that.  Not blaming others or taking your frustrations out on others is makes a true champion.  

The overdevelopment that threatened all day is coming close to our little refuge up on the hill tonight.  It's a gorgeous sky (when you're not in it ;-)


Louise Anderton said...

What a fab person Carl sounds, still a few days to go, so fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Kopf hoch Carl!!

Lg Joergi