Wednesday, July 21, 2010

World's Best Meet Director

Three weeks of competition flying with Juaki at the helm and I'm really impressed.  I know how difficult it is to keep 20 pilots in line and his ability to keep a calm demeanor after three solid weeks of this with nearly 100 pilots is a sight to behold. 

Conditions were definitely marginal on launch today - strong and crossing wind with turbulent conditions in the air.  Juaki maintains a sense of humor and this uncanny composure that keeps the rest of us (well, most of us) mellow as well.  He has been directing meets here in Spain for about 15 years, running the Spanish Nationals on a few occasions and the worlds in Algodonales in 2001.  He also manages to fly in most of the meets he runs - that's quite a feat! 

I think it takes a certain personality type to put up with the kind of abuse we pilots typically dish out.  This, along with Juaki's years of experience, make him one of the best.


Davis Straub said...

CIVL lets him fly in the meet?

Alberto said...

and why not, Mr. Straub?

Davis Straub said...

Because they have a strong rule against it. Which I don't care for.

Juaki said...

Hi Davis, I've flown the spanish nationals not the Euros. CIVL doesn't let me fly