Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cucco Task 3

Finally a day with some nice cu's in the sky.  Unfortunately, it was a bit rough and difficult.  Only about 20 or so in goal and many landing just short.  
It was great to see some of my favorite pilots doing really well yesterday.  Zippy came in first across goal, about 30 seconds or so ahead of Manfred.  Manfred kicked, screamed and cried just a bit because it was his birthday and he wanted to win the day ;-)  Trent Brown from Australia came in 4th with a giant grin from ear to ear.  Shedsie was fifth and Carl sixth.  The scores will get a bit of a shakeup because there were a few tops guys that didn't get in - Christian Ciech and Andre Wolf.  This will likely move Jonny boy into 2nd overall and perhaps Carl into 4th or 5th....fingers crossed.

Sooooo cool to see my good buddy Mikey at goal too!

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