Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me amo Kathryn....te amo?

I've heard it said that the biggest source of discontentment is having too many choices.  We woke up this morning to yet another day of overcast skies and light rain and over breakfast had to make a decision about what to do.  Go two and a half hours south and fly Croatia (the likely site of the next women's worlds)? Tough it out another day in Tolmin and perhaps get a good task or two on Saturday and Sunday (missing the first days of the Brit Nationals in Laragne)?  Head three hours east and fly Bassano or Brescia where the sun is shining?  Drive into the Dolomites for a flight and risk the wrath of Carl for going without him?

In the end, we made the painful decision to head on to Laragne to be there in time for the Brit comp.  It was torture leaving.  Tolmin is one of the most beautiful places on earth and certainly one of my favorite flying sites/comps.  The organizers do such a great job and you really get so much for your money.  For 150€ you get a t-shirt, lunch every day, daily transport to launch and what I'm sure will be a fantastic party on Saturday night (that we will miss, sadly).  I can't say enough good things about this comp...if only the weather had been a bit better.   We also left Maria behind as she wanted to finish out the comp and then head to Austria before going back home to Colombia.

Of course as we finished packing up the car the sun came out and warmed up the gorgeous Soca Valley :-(

Here is a great video by Matjaz of what it could have looked like for us all week.

So tonight Kathryn and I are back in Bassano on our way to Laragne.  We're hearing reports that the weather is supposed to be great for that one....keeping our fingers crossed.  

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gordon said...

The french got 3 tasks in at Sederon this week (20km from chabre?), dunno about yesterday, monday was too windy.
Rizzo 1st, Zinn, Mario - shedsy 11th,