Monday, August 30, 2010

Short of Severn....

...but still just tickled! Four hours over the gorgeous Welsh
countryside in smooth smooth lift the way I love to fly. We were
shooting for the river Severn near Myles' house but had little wind to
help us along. Carl and I started off together going over the back
then decided to scrap it as the day didn't look as great as we
thought. By the time we got back to takeoff, Kathryn had set out on
her own, so I went to chase after her. Caught up to her but we didn't
manage to stay together so long. She landed at the base of the Mynd
where I landed on my first Langollen flight.

Boy do I love a nice day in Wales!!!


kathryn said...

I agree Jamie. Beautiful air and gorgeous scenery. Shows that you don't need big mountains and big air to have a sweet flight!!

Anonymous said...

buuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm ;) said hello to Carl