Thursday, August 05, 2010

Love Triangle

I had the chance to fly Carl's Litespeed on Tuesday's cancelled day.  Uh oh....I'm thinking it might be time for a new baby.  Damien is not gonna be happy.
I didn't have long - light rain was coming and going and the ground was pretty shaded with the overcast sky.  But fifteen minutes was enough to know that I really liked it.  I was particularly surprised with how nicely it lands and all that beautiful carbon makes it feel sooooo light.  Carl thinks I ought to fly it in the Dutch Nationals next week....hmm....might have to do that.


Axel von Wernitz said...

Go get'em girl! Kick butt and show them how it's done!


snoopypilot said...

Dutch Nationals?.... no..., you wish.....
you are not Dutch!

Dutch Open!!!

Just kidding....
I'm a fan of your blog, have a good competition.