Monday, August 09, 2010

Dutch Open - Day 1

Funny how our brains work...or maybe just funny how mine works.  I had my first real flight on Carl's Litespeed RS 3.5 today, the first day of the competition.  I had a couple of very short ones on two non-flying days last week, but never had a chance to soar really.  So, I was quite nervous about today's flight.  We had a 94 km task up and down the ridge in what looked liked gorgeous conditions.  No real clouds, but a nice breeze with wind dummies climbing out easily.  

I launched relatively early and instantly was up above launch thermaling right over the top of Gerolf and feeling really important ;-)  The glider feels so incredibly light....a bit more twitchy and a bit less solid than my Litesport, but I definitely like it overall.  Either way, I need a LOT more time on it.  That was apparent after today's performance.  

Oddly enough, after bombing out just below the windmills (with about 10 others, thankfully), I'm not even unhappy about it.  I know I should be, and I am nearly even unhappy with myself for not being unhappy with myself.  Part of my brain thinks I should have more of a competitive spirit.  The other part just wants to be lazy, have fun and not care.  The fun side clearly always wins out.  I had a perfect no-step landing on a spectacularly beautiful, sunny, warm day in the middle of Italy and couldn't wipe the grin off my face.  I suspect that if I was a little harder on myself when I flew like a beginner, I might find it in myself to do a bit better.  But somehow, I just keep smiling.

Either way, my ego does feel it a little when I fly like a dork on the hottest, fastest ship on the mountain...the same one that just kicked so much butt in the Euros and the pre-worlds.  I would definitely prefer to do Carl's glider (and Carl) a bit more proud than that.  Oh well....there's always tomorrow.  


Anonymous said...

well done Jamie!!..i got into goal and there was one guy who made it who was SOOOOOOooooooo disappointed becuase he had taken too long...hes not ne of the hot guys...he also did the pre worlds and made goal 3/4 times and was really annoyed with his performance....he flies hangliders and is nearly "always" disapponited. Whats the point??

Jan L said...

Perhaps you were (also) happy for having a good flight with such a glider.
When you more used to the glider, your competition spirit will grow. Just enjoy flying (with it).

Good Luck (& skills)

Gordon said...

Where are we going to find another 100 pilots like you for me to fly against in competitions? ;)

Hadewych said...

ha you could have copy-pasted your experience from mine. I'm glad I'm not the only dork enjoying just the flying.