Friday, August 11, 2017

Brasilia Worlds Day 2

Day 2 was a tough one at launch.  The early birds had terribly light conditions.  After getting scored minimum distance on day one for top landing for a relaunch because his instrument froze up, Wolfi launched first.  He fought and fought to stay up, but found absolutely zero lift and ended up in the bottom landing field - the one with the three hour retrieve.  Poor Wolfi is just not having his best comp.  

So, after he and another pilot landing below, no one particularly want to take off.  Corrina was brave enough to go and we watched her scratch just above launch height until conditions finally kicked in. She is exceptionally good at staying up in the lightest of lift and she really showed the boys how it's done.  After probably 10-15 minutes of scratching, the day turned on and everyone piled off the hill into some pretty darn tight gaggles.  I wouldn't have wanted to be up there.   

The Esplanada goal field was like Grand Central Station with over 100 pilots making goal, many of them coming in and landing side by side in groups of 3 or 4.  Like launch, I wouldn't have wanted to be coming in to that goal!  But, it's a great place to end the day.  The organizers have made it a big party with food vendors, lots of press, hang gliding rides for the kids and lots of happy pilots.   They're encouraging everyone to spend the evening there.  

Team USA had most into goal yesterday.  Robin and John were fast, in the top 20 for the day.  Zac hasn't quite found his mojo here yet, but he will...I fully expect the crazy good pilot in him to kick into gear today!!

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