Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cowboy Jonny

Jonny made my job nice and easy today by landing by 11am very near Laredo just a quarter mile from the highway. I thought we might head back to the lodge for a swim, but we got a call from Bo just after finishing up lunch. He had landed only 40 miles or so up the road, so we headed his way. Retrieving him was not so easy, but thanks to what Bo called my tumbler ticklers, we managed to get the VW all the way out to him 2 miles or so behind a locked gate. I am so lucky with some of those locks!!

By dinner back in Laredo, we got the call from Belinda that Davis was on final glide into the darkening sky at around 365 miles. Nice job Davis! David says that Davis is now the only pilot that has three flights over 300 miles!

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