Sunday, July 31, 2005

Jonny Wins the Big Prize!!

We're here in Leakey, Texas about four hours north of Zapata. They have a really great fly-in here every year and it is amazing to see the whole town come out to see a little flying. There's a great airport that we can tow out of and a little hill to footlaunch from. I'd say this is about the prettiest part of Texas (excluding the Palo Verde canyon we drove through to pick up Gary's sailplane). The hilliness is a nice contrast from the flatland we've been in for the past two weeks.

So there's a local rancher that supports the event every year by putting up some pretty decent prize money. This year, since the weather wasn't totally cooperative, we only had a spot landing contest. But, this was a pretty special one...the prize money was $1500 US for first place. I would have to guess that was the quickest $1500 Jonny has ever made!!

Next is the Big Spring Open that starts on Saturday.


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