Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Last Chance

After a way-too-late Redbull and vodka poker game last night, it looks like today is the day (at least that's what they're saying....what's new :-). Despite being a bit hung over, we are all out at the airport nice and early and the skies are looking beautiful...much better than yesterday. Unlike most of the really great days down here, the wind direction is much more SE than normal. This is good as there should be no Laredo airspace problems. Gary gave us the weather briefing and it looks like the goal this time will be much further east than normal. We are hoping to celebrate in Wichitaw Falls tonight, right on the Oklahoma border, not too far west of Dallas! It's 9:10 now and I'm guessing the guys should be launching by 10am at the absolute latest.

The weather gurus all agree that this will likely be the last decent day. There is something coming in and conditions aren't expected to be good again before we leave. Gary is up in the Silent now reporting cloudbase at 1200ft with 300fpm lift in the blue...super boyant lines apparently.

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