Thursday, July 21, 2005

Long Drive

Well, we are finally on our way back from a very long drive to Panhandle, Texas...just about as far north as you can go and still be in Texas- about 12 hours each direction! Gary landed his Silent at the Four 6's Ranch and parked it in a nice big barn there. Since we were already getting grumpy with the rain from Emily, we agreed to take the trailer up and retrieve it for him. We arrived at the ranch and were greeted by a nice Texan who kept calling me mam....made me feel like a really old lady. It was a pretty nice area with tons of landing fields, but apparently Gary thought the backyard of this ranch was the best looking spot. They appeared to be tickled to have a visitor from the skies.
I tend to like the long drives, and in this case we even found a beautiful little canyon...actually the nicest scenery I've ever seen in Texas. I'm posting this from the Crackberry, so I can't post the pics, but I'll put them up when I get to some civilization hopefully tonight.
They are calling for good conditions again by Sunday...Davis even thinks maybe Saturday, but I'm sure he's being overly optimistic. Anyway, hopefully we'll have something more interesting to report soon!

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