Monday, June 23, 2008

If I had teeth on my tongue, I would want to be mounted too!

Early arrival in Munich where we found the Jeffs looking as lovely as ever. Jack McGyver fashioned a great rack system for the van and found a spot to sprawl out with all of our gear while they put it all together...only a few hundred strange looks from other travelers in the airport.

Planning to catch the prize giving and after party for the Euros, we made the drive to Greifenburg straight away. I guess many people had to leave for the pre-worlds, so they moved the prize giving up from 8pm to noon, so we missed everything. At 5pm when we arrived, Greifenburg looked abandoned. But we were probably too tired for a party anyway and a good night's sleep gave us the boost we needed to fly the next day. We had been wishy-washy about flying versus hitting the road for Laragne. We were sooooo happy to have opted for a flight. Conditions were heavenly and we all landed in Betina's field with perma-grins ;-)

Just enough time for a quick swim at the landing field pond and some showing off at the diving board before we hit the road again. We arrived in Laragne at about 6 this morning, having taken turns driving through the night. Everyone is beat, but excited about flying today!!

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