Monday, June 16, 2008

Nobody's Baby Now

Isn't freedom the best gift anyone can give??

Timothy and I had a very memorable last day in Nova Scotia. He's back on the boat now, sailing the last leg of his round the world journey and I'm back at home packing my things and getting ready for my summer travels. But, we had an incredible time in Nova Scotia. Last day was cold and incredibly windy. We had arranged for a sea kayaking tour of the cold waters of Cape Bretton, but woke up to wind gusting up to 70kmp! Ouch! Ended up chatting up our kayaking guide and learning that he was playing a gig that night at a historic lodge in one of the next towns over. In his little kayaking shop, he played for us the CD of the fellow he would be playing with. We just couldn't resist making the hour and half drive up the cape. Turned out to be a fantastic gamble....the music was exactly the kind I love- melodic with beautiful vocals and harmonies that sounded so much like Dan Fogelberg with a bit of a Scottish accent. The band (Angelo, Cyril and Harold) treated us like we were long lost family members - they sat at our table and chatted between sets, made special dedications to us and even invited us up to stay in their log cabin and ski this winter. I have a feeling there will be a ski trip in my plans for the winter ;-)


John Doyle said...

Hi Jamie. Just wondering, who is the guy with the CD that sounds just like Dan Fogelberg? John

Jamie Shelden said...

His name is Cyril MacPhee and I bought a CD to send to you. Unfortunately, the CD doesn't have many of the songs I liked best. Just let me know your address and I will send it to you. He's amazing....the guy kissing my head in the picture.

John Doyle said...

That is very kind of you! Thanks!

John Doyle
792 Calkins Rd.
Rochester, NY 14623