Monday, June 02, 2008

My Litesport

Had my first real flight on the new Litesport today. Yesterday's flight was too short to tell anything other than that it flies perfectly straight. I was nothing short of tickled today with the way this baby handles. With the sail this new, I think it will need a few hours before I will really be able to get a feel for how nice it is. Even so, it was an incredibly sweet flight today. I continue to be amazed at the way it auto-thermals. I find the core and it seems to just lock in. I see other guys high-siding and adjusting and I can literally hang one arm down to rest it while I'm rocketing up. For a skinny-armed girl, it sure is nice not to have to work my butt off. I never imagined that a flexie could be nearly as effortless as a rigid. I'm in love.....again ;-)


JackieB said...

Congratulations on making goal! That's exciting.

It's awesome that your new glider thermals so well. I often remind myself when thermalling (in full scale sailplanes or with RC gliders) to make as few control inputs as necessary so as to get the maximum performance from the glider.

Jamie Shelden said...

Thanks! I'm sure I must sound like I drank the coolaid, but I truly do love this glider!

JackieB said...

Oh no, I completely understand. Definitely a "Zen and the Art of..." type of relationship.

Matjaz Klemencic said...

Jamie you got yourself a truly nice glider! Keep up the goals :))
Regars from Slovenia