Sunday, June 01, 2008

Task 1

We're on our way to get the boys in a bit if light rain. Kind of windy
with light lift, but a fun start to the comp anyway. My new glider
flies perfectly straight, but I must admit that I had more time
carrying it today than actually flying it. My carry time out of the
field I landed in was exactly three times as long as my flight time.
Great start ;-)


JackieB said...

Well, you didn't say how big the field was that you landed in. :) We'll assume it was enormous, so that spending three times as long walking out of it as you did flying, still meant a lot of flying.

Glad your new glider flies nice and straight. It looks awesome. I'm sure I'll stick with a Falcon 195 when my flying days resume.

Jamie Shelden said...

Huge field - I always pick the biggest one in 3 counties ;-) Long, long, long walk! My shoulders are killing me today. LOVE the new glider though...god, it's beautiful