Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful Tolmin

We just wrapped up a week at one of my most favorite flying sites in the entire world.  Although we didn't have the best weather - it was quite stable most days and cloudbase wasn't all that high - I still say it's one of the best places on the planet for hang gliding (and most any other outdoor sports).

Matjaz was as fantastic a host as always (thanks again Mat!!).  We swam in the cold blue Soca River, partied every night, had great meals by master chefs Jem and Jochen, played way too much Mexican Train and just had a generally fantastic time.  This week is one of my favorites of the entire summer and I always look forward to coming back.  I hear talk that the Brits may have their nationals there next year!!

I didn't have my best meet ever (what's new ;-).  But Carlos and Jem did quite well.  Carlos was winning until the second to the last day when we flew back 5km to a later, non-existent start....oops!  Anyway, he ended up 3rd with two other Moyes boys on the podium for a Moyes sweep.

 Jem finished off his first ever comp with a first place trophy in the sport class!!  Well done son ;-)

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