Sunday, August 21, 2011

UK/French Nationals in St. Andre

We arrived in St. Andre a few days ago for the combined UK/French Nationals.  Great idea on the part of the organizers to combine these meets.  There are over 100 pilots here including many of the top guys from the UK, France, Germany and Italy - Antoine, Luis, Zin and Raymond are here from the French team, Tullio, Elio and Paulo from Italy, Joergi and Monique are here from Germany and of course most of the best UK pilots.  Now, if they can manage to set some more challenging tasks, it might prove to be a good meet.

Day one we have some of the best looking conditions I've seen in St. Andre.  Winds are quite light and cloudbase is supposed to go up near 5000 meters.  The task committee, however, thought since it was the first day, that they should go a little easy on the boys (and girls).  They set a 138km triangle that a few were not so pleased with.  I overheard some French saying it was a 300km day, easy.  Apparently Antoine thought so and blew off the task to go for a nice long triangle.  Pretty gutsy as I would have expected him to be on the podium for sure and likely in the top spot.

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