Sunday, August 21, 2011

Task 1

Turns out the task wasn't so short after all.  There were somewhere around 20 in goal in the end, plus four rigids that came in late after the task was stopped.  Late this afternoon there were a few cells that dumped a bit of rain between the last turnpoint and goal so they eventually had to stop the task but most flexwing that would make it in were already in so it probably won't effect things much if at all.

We also had one come down under parachute.  He is fine and I don't know who it was nor do I know the whole story, but apparently his chute opened fine, he landed near a mountain top and was walking around packing up his glider.  Carl and Phipsy circled over him trying to relay coordinates in case he needed rescue.  Phipsy landed nearby and eventually we all learned that the pilot was fine but would have a difficult walk out.  I'm just reminded again of why I don't really want to fly here.

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