Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 3 - Cancelled

Carl reckons he would rather be a wuss with a heartbeat than a dead hero ;-)

We went up to launch and as a few were beginning to set up, the safety committee announced that due to gusty thermals on launch everyone should wait to rig.  By the re-briefing at noon it was apparent that the wind was going to be too strong.  They predicted 40 knot winds and quickly cancelled the day.

Meanwhile, we have some scores posted here at HQ, but I still can't find any online.

Here's the overall after two days.

Results from day 1.

  And day 2.

This may all change a bit as they haven't adjusted the scores yet for the pilots who helped Barry after his chute deployment.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jamie, for posting the results. What would we do without you!!!