Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Task 2

We got a rather late start on yesterday's task as the wind was blowing over the back pretty strong until the front side heated up a bit.  There was a lot of hanging about in the heat and waiting and wondering if it would ever blow up.  Gordon and I had a bet on what time it would come around - which he lost and has paid up on yet!

Luckily conditions improved and they all started on course to goal at Laragne a bit after 3.  Even as late as the day turned on, I heard at least half the field made goal.  It was cool being back in Laragne and I only wish we could have just stayed there and finished out the competition from the Chabre....I like that area so much better.

Fun trip back to St. Andre anyway in the happy car!  Jochen and Carl were at goal fairly fast and young Jem had another great flight, just 20 km short of goal.

Heading up the hill shortly to do it all again today!

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