Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Rough'n It

Three days into the Belgian Nationals and we have three tasks....ahhhh.  How nice it is!  Yesterday we had 4 in goal.  Carlos came in first about 7 minutes ahead of Mart, but having taken a 15 minute earlier start.  That gave Mart the win and the day winner's prize.

Today conditions haven't been as good.  They're on course now for a 70km task, but things were quite stable on launch and they were slow to get going.  As I sit in the goal field now there are quite a few gliders that have landed without completing the course.  Probably some are free-fliers, but several must be competitors as well.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying the sunshine and our nice little castle on the hill.

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Jan L said...

Great to see and read your blogs Jamie. Never stop this. Grtz.
Jan (Belgium)