Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh do you remember when...when it all began

It's like heaven being back in Laragne.  This place doesn't seem to change...and that's a good thing in this case with all my nice memories of this little village.  The Belgian Nationals started today with a quick 84km task back and forth and back and forth again across the valley and who better to blow them all away with a super fast goal finish than Carl? ;-)  He was miles out in front of everyone and ended up the only one in goal.  Mart Bosman (Dutchy) was the next closest landing 3km short of goal with Malcolm Brown (UK) in third also just short of goal.

Aside from my favorite pilot winning the day, it's just a joy to be back here in the sunshine.  So far it looks like the nice weather will hold for the week.  There's nothing nicer than these small friendly comps.

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