Friday, July 15, 2011

The fun begins...

I've had the music in my head for about a day and half now....that background music they always play in movies that gets the anticipation building, letting you know that something really cool and exciting is about to happen.  For me it's Cee Lo Green song this time.

Everyone is arriving in the usual energized, ever hopeful state.  You have to enjoy it while it lasts, because normally after the first task, everything changes.  I love it anyway...ran into Atilla, the French team, Gordon, the Americans and Aussies and many more this afternoon.  The gymnasium is's great!

Of course, you gotta love those sprog police...making sure our fun stays in check ;-).  From the looks of it, pilots can plan on about a 3 hour cue to get their sprogs checked.

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Myshel said...

Hola James, Glad you're having fun! Ok, so that Cee Lo song, would it be "Crazy" or "Forget You"? :D

I showed Max this pic and he said "Whoa! Wait a minute - those are REAL Hang gliders?!?!" He couldn't wrap his mind around so many in one spot indoors 'til he saw the humans for scale reference.

Anyway, be sefe, we miss & love you.

From Max: "Hi Auntie Jamie - hope you're going to be home soon so we can have some fun. I like your picture - I thought they were just models at first! Love you! xoxoxo"