Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Down in a Hole....Lord it's Deep and the Sides are Steep

With the wind blowing up to 60kph, we thought we might spend day one in the mountain rather than above it.  There is a cave system right inside the hill we launch from and it's pretty cool!  The Brit team let me tag along....probably only because I continue to fly the Union Jack on my Facebook page ;-)


Unknown said...

Brave lady going underground with Mad Dog Coady, you must ask him to show you his dance moves!
Good luck in the comp

phil chett said...

last time i was there about 10 years ago there was closed off access to the caves from the top of the hill, with a vertical drop of about 30 ft.
My rope (well string) was not quite long enough to get me to the bottom, so i had to return. If you find a pair of glasses there, they are mine.