Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Task 2

FINALLY....a great task with one of the best goal days I've ever seen!!  The forecast for afternoon overdevelopment held off for the most part until this evening.  Although there were quite a lot of dark areas along the course, apparently nothing so bad to stop the task.  We heard on the radio from team UK that the Gubbio valley was completely shaded, but still the hills worked fine and most everyone had a fantastic day!

Watching in goal was one of the coolest ever.  After Christian and Alex came in first and second, the next group of pilots was so huge that the ground at goal was nearly in shade!  It looked a bit like an alien invasion with easily 40 or 50 gliders in goal all at once and landing in nearly every direction.  What an exciting finish for the spectators.  I didn't manage to get any good shots of it all because I was busy taking cover!

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