Sunday, July 17, 2011

Helmets & Shouldermpads

Despite several attempts to resolve this helmet issue months ago, it has now come to a head was expected.  At issue is the CIVL rule requiring EN966 certified helmets at all Category 1 events.  All pilots were required to fly with certified helmets at the pre-worlds and the rule remains the same for the worlds.  However, many pilots have significantly modified their "certified" helmets (cutting parts off, drilling holes, installing headsets, etc.) presumably rendering them uncertified.  Those that don't like the rule requiring certified helmets argue that the modified helmets are no longer certified and as such, those with Lubin helmets, for instance, should also be able to fly with their uncertified helmets.

I raised this issue at the CIVL meeting in Lausanne in February, but the CIVL President was less than interested in discussing it with me and simply wanted to allow the issue to sort itself out here, now, between the organization, pilots and CIVL stewards (very unfortunate for those poor stewards :-(  )

So, as he wished, it appears to be getting "sorted out" here today ;-)...unfortunately, not in the most friendly way.   As was expected, Gerolf refuses to fly with anything but his Lubin unless everyone is required to use a certified helmet.  At this moment, I do not know what the final decision is or whether there has even been one.  I say Gerolf is refusing, but the bottom line is that he is not the only pilot that feels this way, he is simple the only one willing to take a strong stand.  For that, I am grateful to him!


Hadewych said...

So in a way Gerolf is victim/sacrifice to a slack CIVL?

Peter said...

Is there a rule about shoulderpads? Sounds fun! Any info on this?