Saturday, August 25, 2007

Christ the Redeemer

After near fatal passport and glider problems, I thought I wouldn't make it to Rio with the boys. But, here we are and all is good. I've decided there is no more spectacular city on earth and we are very lucky to be right in the middle of it. We're staying here with Guga and his very sweet and typically gorgeous Brasilian wife Simone in a great apartment overlooking the hotel where we stayed on Copacabana beach a few years ago.

We'll spend the weekend here and then venture out to Andrades sometime Monday on our way up to Brasilia.

We took a ride up to the Christo late this afternoon and got detoured along the side of a favela...closest I've been and I would have loved to get right into the middle of it I thought we would survive. I don't know why I am fascinated by these places.

At the last minute, Wasabi decided to join us again. Unfortunately, the Jeff's couldn't make it and we really miss them.


OB said...

Awesome photos. Keep posting regularly as I'm again living vicarously through you guys. Thanks for giving the green duck a wild ride! ~OB

Shapiro said...

I can surely tell you that right now, OB and I am missing you more than you are missing us. Keep us drooling. It's fun seeing you guys having fun. See you in OZ?