Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Party Fouls

They always say that the rests days are more dangerous than the flying days. That certainly held true for yesterday. We had a pizza/pool party at the Whitten Inn last night and it wasn't long before everyone and his brother was being thrown into the pool. I had to be an outright bitch to avoid being thrown in...maybe I'm getting old, but I just don't find this so amusing anymore. As I am typing, Ecki the German team doctor is examining Jonny who was thrown in on his head (or playing chicken fight with a girl on his shoulders) (the pool is fairly shallow). He will go get x-rays this morning and it seems there's no way he could fly today and possibly not for the rest of the meet. This really sucks and if he was leading this would completely spoil the world championships for him. The Portugese FAI rep, Vitor also visited the hospital last night after attempting a back flip from the pool side. He has a broken heel bone and will probaby fly home today or tomorrow.

Seems kind of a waste to me.

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