Thursday, August 09, 2007

On the Road

I'm headed toward goal now. They called a 148km task to the
north...straight downwind to goal with no turnpoints. The wind is
pretty strong, the sky is mostly blue and the lift isn't all that
strong, so we will see how it goes.

Quite a hoopla at the briefing this morning. The Italians and Swiss
didn't like the composition of the task committee or the fact that the
start times were so spread out. I thought it might come to blows
before all was said and done.

David organized another Calcutta and all the top guys were bought,
some for bargain basement prices and others for top dollar. I love
this game, it makes things much more interactive for the spectators.
Jonny went to an Aussie trucker for $750!! I bought Gerolf and Guga
and I expect them both to pay off nicely! I might try to post a chart
of original purchase prices along with daily values.

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Anonymous said...

well done!! In europe we ned informations in real time! Bye

Anonymous said...

need more pictures of Friesi ( Michael Friesenbichler - Austrian). Thanks!!!