Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Worlds Registration

Registration is on this morning and everyone is in a tizzy. We arrived day before yesterday in Big Spring and it is hotter than hell here. I've been running around taking pictures with the iPhone...the camera is not too bad, as long as you don't need a flash.

Here's Alex being his normal dorky self.

The local rangers found a snake (not poisonous) and were teaching the German team how to spot the dangerous ones. There are quite a lot of rattlers around here.

Cool Timezone Logo

Gerolf loves Texas....

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Jamie, I still look in on your blog...so neat it is! Who's that hugging you? Hug Chris Smith for me and tell him how sad I am about his hurt foot!! Hope you have a wonderful time at Worlds....Hug my son for me, OK?

Mama Hyla