Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Task 6

The weather prospects are looking grim for the coming days....hurricane Flossi is heading toward the coast of Texas and it will likely effect our conditions.

Still no out and returns or triangles. I sure would love to hang out at the airport today instead of in the car. Anyway, not today. They will fly 3 sides of a square, ending up just north of La Mesa for a total distance of 165km.


Anonymous said...

any updates? Hurricane situation sucks.

Anonymous said...

That would be tropical storm Erin, Flossie is in the Pacific, might take a while to get to you guys :)

P.S. David Glover's thing photo is not showing.

Anonymous said...


Davis Straub said...

No worries about the tropical storm until Friday.

Anonymous said...

Since Friday and to a lesser extent Saturday look like a bust I think you should go for 350 kms tomorrow :-)