Friday, August 31, 2007

Won't You Lie Down in the September Grass

We arrived late yesterday evening in Brasilia after a solid 12 hours of driving from Andrades. Although Jonny, Chris and I slept much of the way (late and rough night the night before) it was still cool to see the interior parts of Brasil flying by at 150 kph. One of my favorite things about hang gliding and especially hang driving is seeing places I would never see but for this sport.

Here is a church in the middle nothing on the dirt road heading down from the Andrades launch.

Chopper is happy to be back in the air after close to 6 weeks without flying. He stayed at the hotel to catch up on work today while the boys had a practice day. But, he'll be back at it tomorrow. The first comp day is Sunday.

In a couple of hours it will be September...three quarters of the way through the year. I feel restless here....not sure why.

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