Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fighting with the Shadows in Your Head

We just arrived home after a long and lazy journey back from Arizona. A very special person recently told me that nothing is ever really as bad - or as good - as we believe. I think he's only half right. Things are rarely as bad as we think, but sometimes they are every bit as good.

Home feels soooooo good right now. At the moment it doesn't feel so much a place as a state of mind. I think I probably have him to thank, partially at least, for my arrival back to this state of mind. Thanks!! You know who you are ;-)

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Germantxu said...

Welcome back to home, blonde.

I just arrived home from my alone-sailing trip too and I agree that personal vision of the home as state of mind rather than a place.

Anyway, I know not too much time will pass until the will of a new travel arose so let's enjoy these next calm days.

see you soon...