Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Race is On Again

Saw Timothy off to start one of the last three legs of the race. It was sad to see him go, but looks like we might meet up again in Halifax in a few weeks. The girls and I had a great time enhancing Tim's already overinflated reputation as a womanizer. I'm guessing he's the only one of the round-the-worlders to have five girls meet him in port.

Here's Tim with me, his daughter Raine (in front sitting closest to Tim) and Raine's college girlfriends Tess, Malory and Kayla.

The race didn't start up again until sometime after noon today, but there was little for us to do at the marina - we finished our deck swabbing and other clean up work the day they arrived. The girls and I headed out to find another one of those gorgeous beaches. We ended up back at Winefred Beach where we spent the first day enjoying homemade jerk chicken, rice and beans and some sweet Brasilian girls we met. Just as we were packing up to leave, we saw the Clippers waaaaaaay off in the distance, just getting started.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! Nice pics!! Still with your D40?
I finally got the D80 I wanted for so long. I uploaded a few flying pictures to my flickr...if you wanna take a look: