Saturday, May 31, 2008

Storm Brewing

We've all taken shelter in the clubhouse and hangar and there are 10 guys gathered at the window watching the front hit, wondering if their tents are gonna survive. Dustin and Jim landed Jim's little plane just a while ago and in the nick of time. They say this will blow through quickly and tomorrow should be flyable for the first task.

As I write pea-sided hail is falling.

Thanks so much to Sunny for an emergency surgery on my toe....where is Dr. Ecki when I need him!!


JackieB said...

Ouch! Your poor toe. Good luck on your competition. I read your blog daily and enjoy it very much. I commented on the Eagles lyrics a few weeks ago, but just now created an account.

Jamie Shelden said...

Actually, that wasnt the ouch part. That was the pain relief part. I dropped a very heavy object on my toe a few days ago and the pressure just kept building and building and finally it had to be released.

JackieB said...

Right. I figured that was the super high-tech, podiatrist-certified pressure relieve instrument protruding from your toe and not the injury itself. :) Anyway, glad it's on the mend.

My free-time, after spending lots of time with my lovely wife and Betsy the Beagle, is dedicated to Buster the Magnificent Steed (whose photo you can see in my avatar). So while I certainly intend to return to flying hang gliders and sailplanes someday, I'll be enjoying soaring through your blog, other blogs, the ozreport, youtube, and Soaring magazine for the forseeable future. Thanks for allowing me and others to tag along!