Saturday, May 10, 2008

Red Elvises

The entire Quest gang made a little trek to Tampa last night for the Red Elvises show - Bobby & Connie, Davis & Belinda, Flavia, Mike, Jim, Joe, Darien & Riley and Nicole and I . What a fun time hanging out with friends and dancing all night long. The Red Elvises are Bobby Bailey's favorite band - they have come to Quest twice during the Flytec meet and everyone goes crazy over them.

David, we missed you and the move ;-)


Myshel said...

Nice photoshop work, James. If you ever get tired of lawyer-ing, you could always get a job with the National Enquirer!

Jamie Shelden said...

lmao....well here's the thing, the next picture had Flavia in it, but the rest of us looked like we just "moved" Flavia over. Surely no one but you noticed ;-)

Anonymous said...

tell Nicole to bring that dress to France. It's a first rate outfit. :)~

Anonymous said...

"Surely no one but you noticed ;-)"

That's why I'm here Jamie, I blew up the photo, then saw - she's pasted in! You have a great future with Fox News...B-)


Jamie Shelden said...

Ha ha ha ha....who are you anyway? ;-)