Monday, May 26, 2008

What's a Cascade??

I suppose we should have at least paid some attention to the sign that said "Cascade, Road Closed Ahead." We thought we would save ourselves an hour or so by driving back to Kingston across the mountainous jungle, instead of around the island like we did a few days ago. Ha! After close to two hours of wild jungle driving, we came around a sharp corner to find an abandoned car in the middle of the road. We thought it was strange that no one felt the need to move it out of the way....that is, until we rounded the next curve to learn exactly what a "cascade" is! Lucky for us, a local offered to drive our car around the cascade, through his plantation. Good thing- the road was pretty steep and I wasn't so interested in driving the rental car over it. To make sure the car would make it up the steep dirt road, we all got out and walked it ;-)


David said...

Can you get around the cascade with 4 wheel drive you have to have a rental.

Jamie Shelden said...

LMAO....that was exactly my thought.