Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 2

Gorgeous looking sky today! They're calling for nice conditions and
we're back at the south launch today. The girls have a rather short
69km task. Class 5 and the Swifts will go 163km.

Turns out Robert did win the day yesterday- I guess there was a bit of
confusion at the scoring desk.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the timely updates. There are some of us who have interest here in the mundane US :) Do well.

Anonymous said...

Weiter so Jamie!!
Sehr schöne Bilder und Berichterstattungen :o)

LG Joergi

Anonymous said...

So kathleen and Corrina came in together and first...
...what happened to you?
no blogging from the goal yet?

Go and give johnny car a hug from us in the UK - he has broken his foot (blown swift launch) and the comp is over for him.


Jamie Shelden said...

I had to call my honey before blogging ;-) That really really sucks that Johnny broke his foot....I didn't think he was hurt. I'll give him a big hug.