Monday, July 28, 2008

Task Cancelled

Even before launching I suspected they would cancel the task today.
There was big development at both turnpoints and rain a bit further
out. But, we launched and I had quite a nice flight until about 15
minutes after the start when they came on radio saying it was
cancelled. I'm getting more and more comfortable with the turbulence
and gaggle flying and I'm so pleased about that. My baby is flying
like a dream as always and that just makes it easier and easier for me
to enjoy myself.

Landed at an ultralite airfield with all of the Japanese and Russian
girls and several others. Sometimes I feel like a giant ;-)


joergi said...

You are a giant !!! ;o)

LG joergi

Gordon said...

If Jamies a giant, what does that make you Joergi?

Anonymous said...

Don't know you but wanted to say thanks for your posts. New to H/G and living vicariously through your adventures. Love the pictures, too.

Joergi said...

Secret, Gordon ;o))

gordon said...

New to hang gliding? thats a rare thing!
Hang gliding is the worlds best kept secret adventure sport!