Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Kingdom's Gonna Be This Little Patch of Green

I had hoped to fly here the day after the meet ended. Everything was quiet and I had my very own batten boy ;-) But, it was blowing like stink again so we set off to do a bit of sailing on a little hobie cat. Of course, once you want the wind, it's nowhere to be found. We had a lovely time though, floating around on Lake Moustier.....one last bit of rest before heading off to Monte Cucco tomorrow morning.

Oh...right....the French Nationals. Lars Bo won with Mario in second and Luis Rizo in third. Of course, a few more days like the last two and Carl would have passed them all up ;-)


Anonymous said...

Jamie, Thanks for the podium picture. I will share it with my patents who I think will be very proud.

And best of luck in Monte Cucco, one of my favourite places to fly in the world.



Anonymous said...

i look like a gay on that picture !!!! ;-)