Saturday, August 15, 2015


I was lucky enough to get to Krusevo a few days before all the pilots started showing up.  After a week of sun and beaches with Trudy in Albania, I took a flight to Thessaloniki, Greece.  The organizers of the Euros sent a car for me and I got to enjoy the drive through the Macedonian wine country, some beautiful mountains, peach groves and field after field of tobacco farms.  It was a very pretty four hour drive from Thessaloniki to Krusevo.

The town sits on the side of a mountain range, tucked up into a little curve in the hill.  It's just about 2km from launch and is a charming and cozy little town.  I can't help but wonder how nice it must be covered in snow in winter.  

I met with Ivan and his adorable daughter Sofia and have spent the last three days with them before today when so many pilots have started to arrive.  It was nice to have a relaxing few days getting to know the local Macedonian pilots and the organizers before the busy time starts.  Everyone is warm and friendly and having flying in common makes me feel like I've known them forever.  It's kind of special how we pilots come in to a small village in some out of the way place and turn it into our home for few weeks  I hope the locals enjoy us being here as much as we enjoy getting to know a beautiful new sight like this. 

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