Friday, August 21, 2015

Task 3

We woke up to a lot of low cloudiness and cooler temperatures yesterday.  At the 9:30 briefing Goran and the weatherman were not optimistic, but didn't want to cancel too early.  So, we decided to re-brief at 11:30, just in case things miraculously improved.  By 10am there was rain, so when we all headed to the 11:30 briefing, at least I was sure they were just going to cancel the day.  But they didn't - the forecast was improving and we ended up calling a late task from across the valley at the Monastery launch.  

As we drove across the valley to launch (only about 35 minutes drive), the sky was quickly opening up and by the time we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to find lovely looking conditions. Because it was so late in the day by that time, the task had to be a bit short, just 74km.  But even the shortish task turned out to be a great call.  

At goal, it was one of those days when the vibe is just so great!  Everyone was on this collective high. Not because conditions were perfect, or the task was perfect, but probably just because few expected to fly and in the end, the day was gorgeous and most of all just plain fun!

Especially cool was Jochen winning they day by a huge margin.  He came smoking in at least 15 minutes or so ahead of the next guys.  He's not had the best comp of his life here, so seeing him win the day was fantastic!

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