Sunday, August 16, 2015

Young Students

There has been a Greek family here for the weekend.  The Greek border is just about sixty kilometers south of us and with such a perfect launch and wide open landing fields here, it's an ideal place to bring student pilots.  On Saturday we got to watch a 15-year-old kid have his 4th mountain flight.  I'm sure it sounds cheesy, but it was so heartwarming to watch (for everyone, I think, not just me).  

Dad is a pilot and instructor and he has taught his son.  They also have a younger daughter, maybe 13 or 14 who is learning as well.  What a cool family.  I always wished I could fly with my dad and brothers.  

Here's the family and some of the local Macedonian pilots out at the street party last night.  Dad is second from the left and mom and the daughter are on the ride side.  I think the new young pilot was resting up for today's flights ;-).  

I also had the pleasure of meeting Victoria, another young student pilot up from Greece.  She had a fantastic flight today, soaring and getting above launch while we all cheered her on.

Here is Victoria with me and Yoko, the women's world champion. 


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