Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pre-Euros Finished

I kind of run out of blogging steam when it comes to the end of a comp.  We had a final very difficult task on Friday.  Only four flex made goal and Jochen won his second day in a row.  Goal was down south very near the Greek border, so the pilots (and ground crew) got to see a bit more of the area. Unfortunately, most of the area around goal was in shade by the time they were getting close.  So, few were at goal and many were within about a 15km radius.  

We woke up to heavy rain and beautiful thunder and lightning Saturday morning and quickly realized it was finished.  They held the prize-giving at 11am so that everyone could pack up and make their way back home.  Always the sad part.  

The Italians ruled again with Elio winning, Suan (Italy) coming second and Balasz from Hungary in third.  Italy had five of the top ten (Guenther 4th, Tullio 6th and Marco 7th).  They're going to be hard to beat next year.  

The Macedonians did a phenomenal job on their first big comp and I heard nothing but praise for the organization and meet directing.  Combine that with a really friendly area and great flying and I expect we'll be completely full next year.   I can't wait!!

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